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Hello there, I am Aditya kumar pandey developer of this site. I love science and GK, thats why my blog is on this topic. I post on science and history. If you think there is an error in my post or mis information please comment below, I will try to change it as soon as possible. If you want to write some post on this blog, you can write to us, I will post your post on this blog. You can send me your post at adityapandey15900@gmail.com. You can contact me at contact us page, you don’t need to start email app or site to contact me. And thank you for visiting on my website, if you like this help you please share it with your friends. It will help us to grow a little bit. You can contact me at twitter and facebook as



You can contact me at stackoverflow. I am a just programming guy, I will post on php, html, java, javascript, css and I love web scraping, If you have to scrap data from a website, ask me I love to help you. Thank you.

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